10 bananas a day for 10 years. A true story!

A banana fan

One woman, calling herself The BananaGirl, put it to the test and ate 10 bananas a day for 10 years. Sometimes she even ate 25 to 30 bananas a day for a number of weeks. That's hilarious in itself, but what did this do to her health?

Health risks of the banana

It has been suggested that eating a lot of bananas carries health risks (poisoning). Nothing could be further from the truth, according to The BananaGirl. The bananaGirl weighs 50 pounds, saying she must eat 300 bananas in 30 seconds to be at risk. This is due to the fact that the sodium chloride limit is then reached. The limit can never actually be exceeded.

Health benefits of the banana

The biggest health benefit of the banana is losing weight. The BananaGirl lost more than 18 pounds through the experiment. In addition, the banana contains a lot of fiber, little fat and a lot of potassium. Our ancestors also had a diet that was high in potassium, eating about the amount of potassium per day that is in 26 bananas. In addition, the banana ensures that the insulin level in the body never peaks high. "But bananas contain a lot of fruit sugar, don't you get fat?" This is not the case otherwise this lady would be obese after 10 years.

Bad bowel movements before the banana came into the picture

Before the experiment, the bananaGirl had bad bowel movements, had to let out a lot of foul winds and also always had a bloated feeling. She really did not feel well. Her shit is really great now and she is very happy with this. Every time she is allowed to go to the toilet she is happy again. For the experiment she had been to the doctor who told her she had an inflammation of the intestine. Of course this doctor prescribed her a special medicine and thought: it will be fine. This lady did not agree and did not want to use the '' drugs '' anymore. She tried all of them until she found the banana! This explains that unnecessary medicines are prescribed.

Curious about the other health benefits of the banana?

See them in the dutch video below:

More secrets

For more secrets behind health see the BLOGS and VLOGS on this website. It is also advisable to click through the website www.debrandstofvanjelichaam.nl. What have you learned today?

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