Brain function | The truth | Part 1

September 6, 2019

Healty brain

Your brain is like kokos, fully fatted and beautiful. 75% of our brain consists of Fattys. Kokos can be dangerus, instead. The brain is structured in strings. You can see this in a way music acts to our body. Some people seems to have music playing in their heads. I think that I have a gift created in the way like music is. The bass can pomp up your fat-activity and makes you happy. Hardstyle is good for me, because of the sounds from ''yesterday''. The energy from this kind of music acts on our body. My coocking experience learned me a lot more about this. My upcoming wife and I, knows the truth about our brain. We got something we call: ''DNA Structure''. It's structered in our brain-activity. When you got those same activity, than living toghether is more than easy. The truth about freedom is connected with this and the nature is ours. It's your turn to figure out what