Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fact or fable?

The discussion

The breakfast, actually it is a big problem that there is so much discussion about this. I often read that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what is this based on? Why does everybody beliebe this without finding out how it used to be? They say breakfast is important to get energy right at the start of the day. What many don't know is that the healthiest populations on the planet often eat breakfast around noon, which means that breakfast was actually skipped. They went to work first and then eat. They already saw the benefits of (intermittent) fasting. That is doubtful, they probably sensed this and that is also very logical from an evolutionary point of view. The body is made to release energy from food (preferably from body fat), but this takes longer than is often thought today.

Should we have breakfast then?

When to eat depends on your metabolism. When the metabolism is right then you can eat whenever you want. This is actually different for everyone. How is this possible? This is because the body is always adapting a certain habit. If you eat six times a day, the body will ask for it every time. If you are going to change this to five times a day, your metabolism will switch. However, the metabolism is so complex that few people fully understand it. The metabolism has a certain state where hunger is completely suppressed, even for a longer period of time. This position is definitely the healthiest position. This is the sign of satiety. Logical, because in the past there was not always food available. However, there are many gradations in the metabolism, so some people are more hungry than others. Today, this signal is not optimal for most people. In my opinion, this is the biggest health problem of all. I cannot answer the above question. They used to have no internet or dietitians, then they relied on their gut feeling. Unfortunately, due to the disruption of the metabolism, this feeling has partly disappeared and we no longer know what to do and believe. The body is very frugal with essential nutrients, unless it is fed with food that does not belong in the body. This food ensures that the essential nutrients are depleted. I started to skip breakfast myself and discovered that I got more energy and focus in the morning. Logical because the body simply has more time to get energy from food and / or fat from the body. Some people say they don't get anything through their throat in the morning, but eat something anyway. You do not listen to your body, but after someone who has heard it from someone else. That is illogical at its best.


My best advice is based on the eating habits of the healthiest population group on earth, the Hunza's. The secret behind nutritional advice lies in reducing your eating times (intermittent fasting). If you are only going to feed yourself with what the body is built on, you will notice that at a certain point you will come to a point where you know what to do. You will experience that yourself. Every body works differently and every body has built up its own adaptation with regard to (processed) food and lifestyle. The term '' ketoses '' plays a decisive role in this. If you have reached the point where you notice that your cravings for processed foods have diminished, your body fat has decreased, you are getting more energy and your taste buds have changed, then you are on the right track. The Hunza's only ate twice a day and do a lot of exercise as well. Nowadays people often eat at least three times a day and there is relatively little exercise. The metabolism is slowed down so that people gain weight faster and age. The more you eat, the more often the body has to produce insulin, the harder your body has to work. However, if you eat five times a day and especially low in carbohydrates, the insulin level will not make such high peaks. For optimal health, the question remains whether it is better to eat smaller amounts more often or, for example, twice larger portions. Too little research has simply been done on this. Nevertheless, I hope to find out what is best for the body in the future. If you continue to reason logically, you would say that a few times a day is better. Logically, people used to work all day and did not have time to eat six times a day.

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