Cancer as a metabolic disease?

Energy metabolism

Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner for discovering the cause of cancer, discovered that cancer is a metabolic disease. To prevent and treat cancer, the solution is to boost metabolism. You can starve cancer cells by going on a ketogenic diet and blocking glutomine. The outcome of his research was that cancer cells use glucose to get energy and to grow. The fuel glutamine plays an essential role in this. A ketogenic diet produces certain substances in the body that block glutomine in particular, causing the tumor cells to die out.

Which factors influence the metabolism?

In high school in biology we were taught what influence the metabolism. The metabolism ensures growth and recovery and also ensures that energy is released in the body. Different organism use different sources of energy. Cancer cells can only get energy from glucose and healthy cells from fat, proteins and glucose. The different forms of energy are temperature, light, oxygen and movement. Hence, nowadays there are natural cancer treatments in the form of heat therapy, oxygen therapy, light therapy and exercise therapy.

Natural cancer treatments that mimic processes in the body:

Heat therapy For the treatment of heat against cancer, hyperthermia is used, which is a form of increasing the heat of the body. The body also does this itself when you have a fever. This mechanism is thus simulated in order to expel pathogens. More information about this will be published later on on this website.

Oxygen therapy Ozone therapy is used for the treatment of oxygen against cancer. More information about this will be published later on on this website.

Light therapy Photodynamic therapy is used for the treatment of light therapy. The administration of a chemical (with laser light) creates a chemical reaction that causes tumor cells to die. I have not done any further research on this, but this will follow in the future.

Movement therapy Sport and exercise boost the metabolism. Cancer cells cannot withstand extreme changes in the body. When you exercise vigorously, the body heat, the heart rate will increase and the metabolism will be accelerated. An acceleration of the metabolism is positive, which improves the immune system. The immune system protects you against diseases such as cancer. This is underlined with the current treatment: Immunotherapy.

Cancer is Anaerobic

This means that cancer cells can only live in an oxygen-poor environment. The cell then has too little oxygen to be healthy. An example of an organism that can live in an oxygen-poor environment is yeast. We can deduce this from the fact that a yeast can survive in beer making while there is no oxygen in the bottle. If oxygen is added to the beer, the yeast dies out. In a clinic in Mexico, oxygen therapy is used in which large amounts of oxygen are pumped into the body to provide the cells with more oxygen. As a result, cancer cells die out. This is very promising in the future for natural cancer treatment.

Cancer used to be much less common

In the past, people mainly lived on ketoses, which is nothing more than the clean combustion machine of your body. Due to the many processed (carbohydrate-rich) food and too little exercise, the metabolism is disrupted. This means that one gets out of ketoses and then uses the glucose metabolism. You can find more about this on this dutch page of this website. In my opinion this is a real breakthrough!

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