Cannabis can cure cancer

Cannabinoids are working in the right way for cancer

I read an article about cannabis and I liked it, why? Because it's working for you. You can read it here. It looks like the cannabis receptors are exactly fit into you body. It seems to be both natural and manmade. The plant does exactly know how to act in the human, what a miracle! A friend of mine had headcancer and he used hennep-oil. This worked good for him and he liked it. Now, he is cured from cancer. Hennep-oil is very good against breast-cancer and a brain-tumor. I'm happy for him but he still use hennep-oil. It's difficult to get rid of the oil. You have to put it down in days. You can speak about a downgrade in the ''medicin''. Everyday you have to take less ofthe oil. My mother with stomache-cancer also used hennepoil against her disease. I can speak of a discovering together with detox-thee and smoothies. After the ''treatment'' she wants to die and went to heaven. Not becasue of the disease, but becasue she saw no way out.

The nature is here

Loving a plant?

Do you already love cannabis? It's a plant so it is very healty. The cannabis-plant is the most healty plant of Europe. The steranijs-plant is the healtiest plant on earth. In Holland you can find a lot of weed. In America there is a lot medicin-weed too. In the rest of Europe there are also people who use this. Cannabis is from the Stativa-plant.

Do you already use hennep-oil? My advise is to try it ounce. Hennep supports all healthy parts from your body. To all disease, there is a wat for it with weed. From the disease of Parkinson to brain-tumors. In Holland we got a company that supports medicion-weed. This company is called ''Mediwiet''. If you speak dutch then this is a very educational learnschool. More about cancer, go to ''The Truth About Cancer''.

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