Heat against cancer


The meaning of the anti-cancer treatment: hyperthermia is to increase the heat of the body. The body is then locally or completely heated. Heat is very good for health, just like the infrared sauna does. Heat from the sun is also good for cancer-patients and especially when vitamin D kicks in. Vitamin D is the best vitamin you can get!


Long ago there wase a discovery that fever shrank the tumors. Cancercells turned out not to be able to withstand heat and died out as a result. Unfortunately, a fever never lasts very long, so this is not the cure for cancer. In addition, you cannot control a fever, so this is not the cure for cancer.


The body is heated by means of infrared or electromagnetic radiation. This up to a temperature of 42 degrees. This causes cancer cells to be damaged and / or killed and the healthy cells remain intact. In addition, hyperthermia increases the concentration of certain proteins. The immune system needs these to attack cancer cells. The height of this temperature must be taken into account, so that healthy cells are not damaged.


In Mexico they use this method in an alternative hospital. In this hospital they only use natural treatment methods. They appear to achieve good results with this. In addition, this method is also used worldwide in combination with chemo, radiation and operation. This method is therefore highly recommended in the treatment of cancer. More information about this treatment will be published on this website shortly.

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