How often do you have to eat to keep your metabolism going?

Logic from the past

In the past there were no supermarkets, greengrocers, chip shops or other eateries. Man is made for scarcity. At one time there was a lot of food and at other times less. The body can handle this variation in eating times, unless it is food that nourishes the body instead of filling it. In the past, there were no processed foods that negatively impacted the metabolism. When the metabolism works optimally, the hunger feeling will be suppressed. The well-known feeling of hunger has taught our body itself in today's society; this is absolutely essential in this story. When the metabolism has become used to food that contains a lot of (fast) carbohydrates and the body converts it into glucose, the body will not be able to tolerate severe deviations from this eating behavior. This is because the body keeps asking for nutrients that it is not getting enough of it, plus the fact that the body has become addicted to these foods in the form of carbohydrates, including sugars.

In the past versus now

We can hardly compare our eating habits with the eating habits of the past. Nowadays people mainly live on glucose, or the energy supply from (processed) carbohydrates. Fat contains a greater amount of energy so that one is saturated for longer. When you stick to today's diet, you will often continue to feel hungry. The metabolism is simply not made for this, unless it is nutrition that the body thrives on. This food consists of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, dairy, other natural products and other items of animal origin. Finally, to much is never good, so neither is overeating. The body will simply have to be listened to in order not to eat too much, but the body can only send a good signal if it has not been disturbed and that is precisely the problem. In many people the metabolism is indeed partly disrupted, so it will be necessary to look at how this metabolism improves. You can read more about the metabolism and ketosis on this page on this website.

Hoe vaak moet je eten om je stofwisseling op gang te houden?

Intermitted fasting

When you doubt above argumentation, there is always the phenomenon of 'fasting'. People used to do this often, consciously and unconsciously. Simply because there was not always the same amount of food available. There has been a lot of research recently on delaying eating. Many doctors and yours truly believe that fasting can help improve health. Fasting offers many other health benefits. From an evolutionary point of view, occasional fasting makes sense. In this article, you'll find the health benefits of fasting, but keep in mind that the body won't just accept a change in eating habits. Give the body time to make the switch and do this under the guidance of a professional.

The discussion

The discussion about the number of eating moments per day will continue for a while. This is because the focus is only on this aspect and not on the general view of healthy nutrition; the way the metabolism works and lifestyle. If you eat six times one day and twice the other day, the body will adapt. But again, this is only possible when the metabolism is at a healthy level. Unfortunately, the metabolism is not at the healthiest level in many people. You eat to feed your body and not because you are hungry, because hunger does not exist in Western society.

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