Live for 7 days on only vegetables, fruit and nuts

Living a week like our ancestors did

In the context of '' how do I turn 100 years old? '' I took on the following spotless challenge: for a week, only taking vegetables, fruit and nuts. The reason I do is to inspire you to live a healthier life. How? You can now see exactly what this diet did to my body, so that you actually have proof that changing your lifestyle and diet has major effects on health, well-being and mood. In addition, I am always in for the so-called BIO-HACK where you literally hack your body and mind in a healthy way. I made up this challenge myself.

The challenge!

I started the challenge on Sunday 14 July. Every day I went to the supermarket to get fresh vegetables, fruit and / or nuts. Every day was a different day for me with different health effects. I have to admit, it was a truly amazing experience! In this blog you can read all the background information, it is up to you whether you actually want to read all of this. You can choose to read only the section with the results and health effects at the bottom of the page. Here's what this week did to me in the short dutch video below:

The preparation

Without preparation, this challenge is really impossible for most. You must think of adjusting your diet in the broadest sense of the word. Some time ago I ate a lot of carbohydrates and unhealthy foods until I was completely done with that. I started fasting periodically, only eating between 20:00 at night and 12:00 the day after. I've gone from three meals to two a day and said goodbye to snacks. Then I started eating one meal a day and then sometimes nothing (fasting) for a whole day. I even didn't eat anything for two days and that went pretty well. Isn't eating healthy for a day? Not at all. Finally, I also once did the 3-day detox smoothie treatment.

The adaptation of your body

It is clear that good preparation, or reduction of nutrition, is important. This has to do with the adaptation of your body to the food you have taken recently. If you are used to eating six meals a day with a lot of carbohydrates, your body will call for food every two hours. Once on a low-nutrient diet, the body will keep calling until it becomes full. If you are used to eating a lot and often (processed) food, you will not keep up with this challenge. If you want to adjust the adaptation of your body, you can, but that is not possible without '' side effects ''. When you adjust your diet and lifestyle you will have to deal with withdrawal symptoms (for example from the carbohydrates) and detox effects. This includes fatigue, headache, nausea, nervousness and diarrhea. However, this is simply how the body deals with this. When the complaints are over, you will notice a lot in a positive way. It is different for every person how the body reacts to such severe lifestyle and dietary changes. This depends on your current diet.

Nuts, vegetables and fruit

Why do I choose nuts, vegetables and fruit? I chose this because these are the only foods that have not been abused by humans. They are whole foods that have not been processed. With these means your body can really do something, remember '' Do not fill but feed ''. When you take on this challenge, you will have to choose unroasted, raw, salt-free nuts and fresh fruit and fresh raw vegetables. So there is no cooking, baking or roasting for a week. Everything must be raw and fresh. Frozen spinach is also allowed due to its freshness (frozen directly from the land).

Proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber

Do you get enough protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibers in this challenge? Revolutionary, this is a logical diet because our ancestors also followed a similar diet. If you look at the amount of nutrients, nuts are high in healthy fats and proteins. Fruit and vegetables contain a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals. The body is very economical with these nutrients, which is why I do not choose to eat vegetables every day. By the way, did you know that the body must sacrifice vitamins and minerals to digest food? So if you only eat food with a high volume of good nutrients and you leave the '' empty '' nutrients, then that is a win-win situation!

No processed foods

This challenge is the perfect weapon to experience what it is like not to eat processed food for a week. All junk from the supermarket will accumulate in the body over time and can cause inflammation. In addition, bacteria and other pests can do their thing in a sugar-rich, polluted and acidic environment. Therefore a detox is recommended for everyone, no matter how thick or thin you are. I was therefore very curious whether my body has indeed become so polluted from the processed food.

What are you drinking this week?

What I drank is water, tea, coffee and alcohol. The latter is not wise, but it is not easy not to drink during the four-day week;). It is therefore certainly not advisable to consume alcohol during such a heavy week. Since my goal was to be in ketosis for a week, I made a commitment to take a lot of fat. In the days when I didn't eat nuts, I added organic coconut oil to my coffee and tea. The taste does not change but it becomes a bit greasy, quite pleasant. Coconut oil contains a lot of healthy fat and ensures that you feed your brain with what it needs. After all, the brain consists of 70% fat. Coffee ensures that the metabolism is accelerated, we would like this because this challenge is aimed at improving the metabolism. Why? Because this week is also all about the detox. Energy will then be released from the body's own fat reserves and the fat will remove toxins and pests in the form of faeces.


A healthy diet requires an appropriate exercise pattern. Due to the adjustment of my diet, I found out that exercise is suddenly much easier. You can see more about this in the dutch video (the vlog) at the top of this blog.

The weekly schedule

I choose to start the week with only nuts on the first day. This to become a fat-burning machine as quickly as possible. As soon as you only take products with a lot of fat, the body switches to fat burning instead of glucose burning. You can find more about this on this website in the menu at the top in the headings ''Het geheim''. There is also a video on the youtube channel about ketosis and glucose. I don't have to lose weight so much, but I want to see how much energy can be achieved with this method. Every day I got up between 08:00 and 09:00 and went to bed between 12:00 and 02:00. Between 12:00 PM and 8:00 PM, I ate my food in the form of two meals.

Day 1: Raw unroasted and salt-free nuts Day 1 was all about the great nut. I opted for a cup of unroasted cashew nuts of 170 grams and a cup of nut blend (almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts and pecans) of 175 grams. It may sound strange to eat only nuts for a day. Do realize that nuts contain a lot of calories. Two cups of nuts equates to 2,200 calories that day, or the recommended daily amount. During the day my energy levels started to rise. In the afternoon I went for a walk after the first meal. What I noticed is that walking went so well that for a change I only started walking for four hours in a row instead of an hour. The energy level started to increase even more during the day. Strangely enough, I was not tired at all after this walk. When I got home I waited a while to eat to let the fat burning continue a bit longer. I had the feeling that I was already in ketosis. Around 7:00 PM I ate my second bowl of nuts. After that, I still felt the constant flow of energy in the body. Around noon I wanted to go to bed but the urge to move was too great. The body was clearly getting energy from its own fat reserves and believe me, this is an inexhaustible resource, even if you are not fat! I watched some TV and went to sleep around 02:00.

Day 2: Vegetables Day 2 I woke up refreshed with an unprecedented energy level. I've never experienced this before! I immediately went for a walk at 09:00 and again took a four-hour walk. Strangely enough, I didn't feel those four hours of walking the day before. It turns out that when you get energy from (body) fat, much less free radicals are created in the body and that so-called body-protecting ketones are created. These ensure that the body recovers faster, which is a smart solution from the body! After the walk I ate a 250 gram tray of cherry tomatoes. That way I immediately had the recommended daily amount of vegetables. Of course this seems very little, but the energy level was so high that hunger was suppressed. It has therefore been scientifically proven that the feeling of hunger is lower with a low-carbohydrate diet. This experience confirms that. After dinner I had to do some things and that went well because spiritual changes were also taking place. The state I was in can be described as calm, intensely focused, calm, peaceful and relaxed. This state has increased steadily during the week. Dips didn't exist for me, only when I thought about something bad, but I tried to avoid this as much as possible. Around 4:00 PM I had my second meal which consisted of a red pepper and a quarter of a cucumber. Then I went to the summer parties. I felt good and then walked / stood for another five hours. After a beer or two and some water I went home. Around 02:00 am I wanted to sleep but noticed that my body was so busy producing energy and detoxing that I couldn't sleep. I thought I could feel a hunger but this was afterwards a processing of food in the digestive tract. A grunting feeling is therefore not always a feeling of hunger. I used to think I couldn't sleep at night because of hunger, now I know it's because the body gets energy from your body fat stores. If you then eat a meal, the fat relationship stops and the body will put energy into it. The result of this is that you get tired and can go to sleep. In the end, I only slept for a few hours that night. After day 2 I started to notice that I started to feel a bit lighter.

Day 3: Fruit Strangely enough, after this short night I woke up refreshed and I was not even tired. At 08:00 in the morning I went to watch the ''Vierdaagse'' and then went shopping. Wonderful day with only fruit, what a treat! Do you also think that a lot of fruit makes you fat? You can discuss this, but I would like to learn more about this. In an article on my website I show you my favorite fruit, the banana. It turns out that when you eat a lot of bananas, you don't gain weight, but you lose weight. Thats crazy! After shopping I went for another four hours walking because my energy level was still sky high! After the walk I finished two bananas and two pears. Strangely enough I was more than satisfied after that, there was no more hunger. In the afternoon I had to deal with some private affairs again, but I started to notice that this is quite a major lifestyle change. I noticed this in the form of a rumbling stomach and a somewhat hazy feeling. However, this did not spoil the fun. In the evening I again had two bananas and two pears and that felt good. Then I went to the summer parties in Nijmegen again and drank a bit more than two beers there. Before I started drinking I felt great, unfortunately not after about ten beers. This is certainly, logically, not advisable during such a diet. A funny and dirty fact about this day is that gas was formed that was odorless. This is most likely a sign of your body clearing away.

Day 4: Vegetables and fruits After a night's sleep of about six hours, I woke up very tired. Alcohol is certainly not bad, but it certainly is in this phase. The energy level had dropped and I felt nauseous. I also had problems with my feet and muscles and that must have been because of the many movements that days before. Of course, alcohol does not help the recovery of your body. When you walk for four hours and then also walk for six hours and stand, the body will give a signal. I slept in a bit and went to eat my first meal in the form of a smoothie at 12:00. This was my favorite smoothie namely the Popeye spinach, banana smoothie. This smoothie consists of two bananas and 250 grams of frozen spinach. At 1:00 PM I went for a walk with an acquaintance. Since I felt my legs enormously I hoped we would not take a long walk. It was not too bad afterwards, we only walked for two hours. We had a nice chat and coffee from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. At that time I noticed that I was already doing much better. Where my hangover used to last all day and evening, it was now over around 4:00 PM. In my opinion, this has everything to do with an improved body condition. In the evening I was buzzing with energy again and I started making my favorite smoothie and ate two more pears. For the rest, a great evening and night with six hours of sleep. Before I fell asleep, there was again a lot of gas, which means nothing more than detox.

Day 5: Nuts and vegetables In the morning I woke up feeling refreshed, a bit tired but that seems logical given the turbulent days. The pain in the legs was almost gone, but I still felt the toes. I immediately went to the supermarket to stock up on some spotless fuel again. This time two cups of nuts (nut mix and cashew nuts). I ate half of each (1000 calories) and started working on my website. No two days are the same and I felt that too. The great flood of energy was over. It seemed as if the body had gotten used to the lifestyle that gave birth to the new adaptation. It could also be that the body still had to recover. In the afternoon I walked to the village and then ate half a bowl of nuts. In the evening at 6:00 PM I have eaten 200 grams of raw carrots. Actually I was not hungry at all, but I really wanted to get vegetables. In the evening I went to the village with my brother and we drank non-alcoholic beer. I noticed in the pub that I was really feeling good and had a kind of shifted focus. My senses seemed to be amplified. Around midnight I was broken and went to sleep.

Day 6: Nuts and fruit After eight hours of good sleep, I went back to the supermarket. Definitely a day to look forward to because fruit and nuts is really a treat! That day I bought a bag of apples, three bananas and a box of raspberries of 125 grams. I had half a bowl of nuts left so I had eaten it first. I was really hungry so after that I made the raspberries, a banana and an apple mayor. I noticed a constant flow of energy and felt good and calm. I seem to notice that my body was polluted and what this has done to my body. It is the way of thinking that also changed with that. You start to look at things more lightly and there is more mental clarity. This sounds a bit floaty but I don't know how else to name it. In the afternoon it was still time for a two-hour walk and in the evening I had five apples and a banana around 6:00 pm and a cup of coffee in the evening. Around 00:00 I noticed that I was "hungry" but how is this possible after five apples and a banana? After an hour this feeling went away and energy was returned to the front. So I was burning fat again. Because of this I could of course not sleep so I started working on this blog. The remarkable side effect was that my airways opened much wider. I haven't had that much air in ages! What I think is that the stomach is in contact with the airways and a detox has taken place. What was also remarkable is that my teeth weren't as dirty as I thought. And that after eating six apples, two bananas, 125 grams of raspberries and 100 grams of nuts. So you see again that there are surprises every day in this rollercoaster.

Day 7: Nuts, fruits and vegetables The hardest part of this challenge was the balance between energy and sleep. I didn't sleep until 4am last night and woke up at 8am. I woke up tired but once I got up I was fine and strangely enough I was sharp again. When I had taken a hot shower (with cold water for a minute at the end) I felt really great! Another big energy boost. How is that possible if you sleep so little? It is well known that a cold shower is good for resistance and metabolism (see this video). Today, 250 grams of raw carrots and a cucumber are on the menu for the vegetable. A banana and an apple for fruit and a box of cashew nuts for the healthy fats and proteins. At 10:00 am I got these foods from the supermarket. I am starting to see in my stomach that I have burned fat recently. In recent years I have trained a lot of my abs, but these muscles were not really visible yet. After this week you can see that I have become a bit drier, which is a nice side effect. And that in a week with alcohol and lots of fruit. Actually, I haven't felt as good as now. Because I was very hungry, I didn't start eating at 12:00, but at 11:00. What I have noticed is that I have suddenly started to like raw nuts much better. This is because the taste buds are recovering from all that food produced from the supermarket. Throughout the day until 8:00 PM I ate the rest. On this last day I walked for about two hours and watched TV quietly. I went to sleep at 00:00 and woke up at 08:00. I woke up a bit overcooked and think that the detox cannot be completed yet. I think I first need to restore the balance between energy and sleep. In my view, the adaptation of the body must first be optimal. It remains to be seen what my nutritional schedule will be in the near future, but at least I notice that my energy level is improving again!

The results and health effects

This week truly was a rollercoaster where no day was the same. To provide you with simple, spotless education, I have listed the health effects of this week below: - In the beginning an inexhaustible source of energy, then a stable energy level without dips - A fresher start to the day - An increasingly intense focus - An increasingly relaxed feeling - A strengthening of the senses - Decreasing acidic stomach complaints - Less need for sleep but a rested feeling - More need for exercise - A significant improvement in sports performance (in my case walking) - No muscle pain after strenuous exercise (this has to do with the fact that there is virtually no glycogen (glucose) in the muscles and therefore the muscles do not acidify) - A significant improvement of the airways - Increased resistance - A reduced risk of illness. Sickness and energy do not mix and in addition, if you get sick, your body wants to go into ketosis. I've been doing that almost all week this week, so the body has less reason to do this - An extension of the gives. You can simply deal better with negative thoughts and become more positive. This has to do with the good feeling that you build up - Better memory. Intermittent fasting has been shown to improve memory. This is because ketones are produced in the brain that ensure the protection and production of new brain (stem) cells. - The feeling of hunger is reduced which means that you have less appetite for unhealthy food - Restore the taste buds, makes tasting your pure and unprocessed food better - A feeling of hunger is nothing more than the processing of food in the stomach and the release of energy from body reserves - Better recovery after a night out - An increase in fat burning around the waist and abdomen - Cleaner stools and more pleasant gas formation - Vegetables, fruits and nuts promote fat metabolism - A boost of the metabolism which in my opinion is really THE KEY for optimal health Grocery list - 5 cups of nuts - 250 grams of cherry tomatoes - Red pepper - Cucumber - 450 grams of raw carrots - 9 bananas - 4 pears - 7 apples - 500 grams of spinach - 125 grams of raspberries

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