My first time in ''Ketose''

My experience

As I have explained before on this website, the body has two different sources of combustion with regard to the metabolism: ketose and glucose. With glucose you burn carbohydrates and with ketoses you burn fat. This is where the body gets the energy. One day, at work, it was the first time that I was in the "ketoses state". Before that, I had been fasting periodically from 20:00 o 'çlock until 12:00 o 'clock the following day. Then I started eating a low-carbohydrate lunch, which consisted of raw nuts and raw green (paprika). I also drank a few cups of coffee, because this speeds up the process. Around 16:00 o 'clock I started to get a little lightheaded and a bit dizzy. This turns out to be completely harmless. Then I started to drink a lot of water because the body then asks for moisture. I have read a few things about the switch that the metabolism makes. You can read more about this in the text below.

Ketose - De brandstof van je lichaam

The metabolism and ketose

The metabolism switches from glucose combustion to ketose combustion. After that the brain runs into a glucose deficiency, which the body is not used to. What is important here is that the brain can do without glucose (with the exception of 3% of the brain capacity, fortunately the body has an intelligent trick in which it produces and replenishes that 3% itself). It turns out that the brain actually uses the so-called ketones much more efficiently and cleaner. They flourish on it. My mindset started to change from: a bit agitated (by the stress) to completely calm. Suddenly I could handle the pressure much better. But the thing that really surprised me was that I could concentrate for hours on hours, even more than before. It seemed like I got my job done more easily. Afterwards I started exercising, which went very well for me. I had more energy, which is because the body releases energy from (body) fat.


During my ketoses adventure, it seemed like my senses were starting to strengthen a bit. I was sharper, felt more at peace, and had happy thoughts. Now I suddenly realized that nutrition has a major effect on the state of mind. I thought this was only the case with alcohol, but that is certainly not the case. When you eat a lot of carbohydrates (such as bad bread), you will always experience an insulin spike, which will also tire you. With ketoses you will hardly or not experience this because the energy level is more constant.

Pay attention!

When you are going to experiment with your body's combustion sources, it is advisable to do this in consultation with a professional. For example, this is not recommended if you are under 18 years old or if you are pregnant. You can educate yourself. Top athletes should also pay close attention to this, although there are athletes who exercise in a 'ketosis state '. Of course they must determine this themselves, they must receive education about this from their 'boss '.

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