Our vision on raw and unroasted nuts

The popularity of raw and unroasted nuts

The popularity of raw and unroasted nuts does not seem to be that great in our contemporary society. When you go to the supermarket, you see a whole shelf full of processed nuts. Something for everyone: sugared peanuts, salted cashew nuts, roasted almonds, fried hazelnuts, et cetera. Apparently we do not like pure nature and humans have to abuse it if necessary. During my study marketing communication I learned how to ensure what people buy, so here you are talking about manipulation. Why do we want to get people to buy the unhealthy variety of a product? Who made it up to fry a nut in olive oil? Why a whole shelf full of processed nuts? When you walk a little further in the supermarket, you will see a small shelf with again many processed nuts, but if you search carefully, you will also find raw and unroasted nuts. Raw and unroasted nuts are truly a party for the taste buds! But not everyone feels that way. Could there be a reason for this?

Our taste buds

Our taste buds have a hard time at this time. You will not notice much of this, because you have taught it your body that way. When you are as crazy as I am and you start detoxing, you will find that raw and unroasted nuts are actually not that bad. When you start to feed on what your body is built on, over time you will notice that your taste buds will change. The body, as it were, recovers from the poor thing such as a delicious roasted and salted taste. What you used to love so much, you now find less tasty. You will appreciate the real nut flavor more over time. Fortunately, because raw and unroasted nuts are very healthy!

The health benefits of the raw and unroasted nut

Raw and unroasted nuts are high in calories. One cup of 170 grams contains about 1000 calories. I can eat such a bowl in no time, but is it wise? Nuts are high in protein and high in fats. I am convinced that healthy fats do not make you fat. But an excess of something is never healthy, of course. In addition, proteins do not make you fat, the body certainly needs some of this. The brain thrives on healthy fats; this brain consists of 70% fat. The metabolism also loves fat, because a lot of energy can be extracted from it. The body gets more energy from fat than from glucose from carbohydrates, starches and sugars.

Will the raw and unroasted nut fit into my diet?

If you want to lose weight, you have to stick to a strict plan. This plan varies a bit from person to person, because there are so many dietitians. Which plan is the best? I can tell you more about that and I have partly done that on my website. The bottom line is that healthy fat certainly fits in a diet and that in my opinion it should. It is up to you whether you like this and want to implement it in your lifestyle. When you eat a varied diet, in the way our ancestors did, you are on the right track.

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