Psychology: The body is like a container

See a quote from a well-known psychologist here

'' I see the body as a container. You were made to live in peace, to be content, to be full of joy, with a creative brain and throwing in emotions, thoughts and food from birth. If you allow the worry in your container, it put off peace. There is simply no room for both. If you allow guilt, you simply miss the confidence you so badly need! Some people don't enjoy life because of the container. This one is loaded with so many things. Most of the container is negative. If you don't empty it in between and replace it with the positive one, it will go catastrophically wrong. If we load too many bad habits emotions and thoughts into the container then there is simply not enough room for the positive habits emotions and thoughts. This is exactly why we just about all get sick! The container is too full of the bad and is short of the good ''

Do you agree with this?

You may think, what does this mean? But this quote relates to my mother. She was full of negative energy. So much so that she did not want to grow old, she often saw only the negative of life, instead of the positive. When she was told that she got cancer, she thought perhaps secretly, look this is finally the end for me. After a while, when we started to use cannabis oil, she suddenly revived and was completely busy at home again. She started to laugh again and saw the positive things in life again. Unfortunately this was for a short time. In short: live in the positive and don't let your container fill up with negative thoughts!

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