The 3-day juice cure | My experience


In order to improve health even further, I have decided to do certain challenges. These are experiments with the aim of informing you about the health effects of (juice) fasting. I show my experiences on this website with the question whether you have done or will do this challenge. Ideas for new challenges are always welcome!

Spotless challenge 1: 3-day detox smoothie cure

I lived on vegetable and fruit juices for three days with my brother. These concern organic products from the organic supermarket. You can see how this happened in the dutch video below. Do you want more information about this cure, than e-mail me:

Why this challenge?

Ways to improve health are always welcome in my life. A detox doesn't sound wrong, especially at a time when we have to deal with a lot of processed food and other chemicals. This builds up in the body so that the body never really gets time to take revenge. By not eating processed food for three days and only feeding yourself with organic fruits and vegetables, your health will get a boost. At least I noticed that. I'm also a big fan of smoothies, so this challenge seemed very appropriate.

My advice

My advice is to definitely give this challenge a try. There are plenty of people who have done this too and explain this on the internet. As you can see in the video, it can be disappointing, especially if you are used to eating often and especially a lot of carbohydrates. Do not be put off and persevere, try not to eat a '' fixed '' meal every day, just like my brother and I. You can find different recipes for the detox cure on the internet, make sure you only buy (mainly) fruit and vegetables. Good luck!

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