The avocado against cervical cancer!

The avocado

Our FAT healthy friend, the avocado, is often considered very healthy and for good reason! The remarkable thing about this fruit is the way it acts on the human body, and especially on the health of the female body. It works against cervical cancer. The female hormones benefit greatly from the intake of the avocado. These beneficial effects can be traced back to the appearance of the avocado, which mimics the ovary. In addition to these benefits, it also works against other types of cancer, more information can be seen in the video below about the avocado. The avocado is very nice and fat and we like fats for better health. Avocado has vitamines in it, such as vitamin C and vitamin D. Vitamin C breaks down some stuff in the body and boost the immuunsystem. Vitamine D is good for bones and the brain. Do you like the avocado? I don't eat this a lot but I like it with some pepper and salt.

Advocado en andere groene groente

Healthy saturated fats

As I have written before, saturated fat is not the culprit for a healthy lifestyle. The avocado has a large proportion of saturated fat, take advantage of it because it does not necessarily make you fat. You can find more information about this on the Youtube channel.


I have put the most important health benefits of the avocado for humans in a dutch video. This way you can quickly learn what the avocado is good for! We just don't always feel like reading those enormously long texts.

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