The benefits of the infrared sauna against diseases such as cancer

A tradition of healing

Traditionally, the sauna is all about healing. This has been known for a long time. The high temperature puts the body in a detox mode. Sweating is one of our detox mechanisms. It even appears to have a positive effect on the terrible disease: cancer. By sweating our body is, as it were, cleansed and ensures a decrease of toxins. In fact, it is one of the best ways to get rid of "trash".

Infrarood sauna

The effect of the infrared sauna on cancer cells

Infrared radiation uses selective radiation on all cells. Fortunately, the healthy cells can handle this well and the cancer cells cannot. This can be called very positive in contrast to chemotherapy, for example, where the treatment focuses on the breakdown of all cells (including healthy cells). Dr. Sartaj Sahni, a professor at the University of Florida, has announced that normal healthy cells are immune to infrared radiation, while cancer cells undergo hyperthermic changes. This means that cancer cells cannot withstand that heat and will eventually die.

The benefits of the infrared sauna

There are many advantages of the infrared sauna. The body itself also has a mechanism for increasing the temperature in the body. You notice this as soon as you become ill. This mechanism is evolutionarily needed to survive. The infrared sauna mimics this mechanism. All the advantages of the infrared sauna are listed below. The infrared sauna:

  • Provides a reduction in blood pressure;

  • Provides a reduction in pain;

  • Promotes blood circulation;

  • Promotes weight loss;

  • Ensures a decrease of toxins from the body;

  • Improves the heart and blood vessels;

  • Reduced joint stiffness;

  • Reduces malignant cancer cells.

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