The cubesbelly (six pack) is the showcase for optimal health

Statistically, few men and women have a cubesbelly. Optimal health is all about the immune system and the metabolism. Strength training in the form of abdominal exercises improves the metabolism. More oxygen is pumped through the body and the fat reserves in the abdomen are tested. Do realize that, compared to increasing your muscles in the rest of the body, getting a blocky stomach is the hardest part to train. Why? The secret to this is nutrition, your body's fuel tank and persistence. 60% is nutrition and 40% exercise.

The metabolism and the abs

Most men and women have too much belly fat for cubes to be visible. There are also very few people with a healthy fat percentage. Dry training is therefore not an option for many, they say. The only way to achieve a cubesbelly (six pack) is to speed up the metabolism. You can only burn fat when you eat foods that nature has made itself, have undergone a natural process (fermentation) or come from animals (meat, fish, chicken, eggs, etc.). You can see that these are all foods with few (fast) carbohydrates, a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals, fat, fiber and other healthy nutrients. Sugary foods are out of the question, but beware: fruit will make you fat. Is this true? Fruit contains slow carbohydrates, a lot of fiber and also substances that promote fat burning. Getting rid of fruit is almost illogical. A balanced diet with a bit of everything is the advice. When the metabolism has reached the point where it starts using fat as its primary fuel, you can start working on your block belly. Coffee accelerates the fat burning process. Please train in consultation with a professional.

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The cube belly for optimal health and happiness

Healthy gutflora is linked to 90% of the serotonin in your body. This means that you are simply happier with a six pack. Remember to keep the intestinal flora healthy. When you take in a lot of healthy fats, you burn more belly fat and this provides positive signals (ketones) to your brain. These ketones promote your persistence. The reason why so few athletes have a six pack is because they don't know how to feed and how the metabolism works. Do you train your stomach every week and you don't see any results? Don't worry because the blocks are indeed formed, the belly fat is simply there.

The key to optimal health

Human health depends on three factors: physical, mental and fuel-technical health. The last one I made up myself, but that does not mean that this is not correct. The key to optimal health is what keeps your fuel tank going, or your nutrition. When your fuel tank, or the metabolism, works as well as possible, it becomes possible for you to get a six pack. The bottom line is that any processed, carbohydrate-rich, pasteurized, and poison-sprayed foods will keep you from getting the body you've always dreamed of. In addition, toxins, bacteria and vermin from food and the environment will settle in the belly fat with all its consequences. If you want to become as healthy as possible, then you tackle your abs and your diet. I have been working on my bend for years, unfortunately without result, do you see how difficult it is? Learn more about things to do for your six pack in the video below.

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