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The dandelion

The dandelion is a bitter flower that people can consume from their own garden. The bitterness indicates the health benefits the plant has to offer. It helps eliminate toxins from your body, which is like a detox-acting effect. The flour is sometimes eaten in salads, but also, for example, in vegetable soup. The root of the plant has been found to contain substances that are easily digestible and stimulate fat burning. It also stimulates the kidneys. How do I know this? This is because in France the plant is called '' Pissenlit ''. By that they mean "an easy way to get the urine out of your body". So you can see that both excretory organs (from which poo and urine come from) are stimulated in a positive way. The digestive tract is thus also stimulated. Do you eat the dandelion from the garden?

Is the dandelion a poisonous flower?

Some websites claim it is a poisonous flower. This is a monkey sandwich story. The medicinal plant has many vitamins and other nutrients. For example, the plant contains vitamins B and C. The leaves can be compared to spinach, it is the same kind of vegetable. It is sometimes recommended to eat the leaves when they are still '' young ''. Outdated flowers taste less delicious and offer fewer health benefits. The dandelion contains vitamines and minerals. You can find vitamin C and vitamin D in the dandelion. Besides that, you can find calcium in the flower. Do you want to boost your health? Eet more dandelion!

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