The health benefits of the sauna

The sauna has many health benefits for humans

These benefits are listed below:

  • It works against Alzheimer's, dementia and improves muscle mass;

  • It is a stress booster. It causes a small portion of free radicals, which is beneficial for the body;

  • Sauna after a workout improves stamina;

  • It increases blood flow to muscles and decreases waste products;

  • It increases our growth hormone. This growth hormone regulates the growth process in the body and ensures the right balance between fat, water and muscles in the body;

  • It stimulates the construction of new cells and the production of solid bone tissue. The growth hormone also influences the ability to concentrate and memory;

  • It has a mood-enhancing effect, ie an increase in endorphins and dynorfin;

  • In addition, it stimulates the growth effects of stem cells and activates more cells in the brain. It simply prevents aging of the brain.

Sauna - De brandstof van je lichaam

Heart health

The sauna has an effect on the health of the heart. The health benefits of the heart are listed below:

  • The heart has to work less hard and it lowers the heart rate during sports;

  • It increases blood flow to muscles and ensures that more nutrients are transported. This reduces fatigue;

  • It lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease;

  • It lowers just about all disease-related causes of death;

  • It mimics certain health benefits of exercise (heart rate goes up from 100 to 150 bpm).

Detoxification, pain reduction and longer life

The sauna has an effect on the detoxification of our body and on reducing pain. It also ensures that you live longer. The health benefits associated with this are listed below:

  • Heavy metals are removed from the body;

  • A detox takes place through sweat;

  • The sauna increases the skin's ability to protect itself from pollution;

  • The infrared sauna is probably the best way to get rid of the pollution in your body (it penetrates the tissue in our body).

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