The secret of the healthiest population on earth

The Hunza's

Since there are many doubts about what is healthy lifestyle and what is not, it seems logical to look at the diet of the healthiest population group on earth. The healthiest population group, the Hunza's from Pakistan, have developed a diet that allows them to easily live for 100 to 120 years. It turns out that they hardly get sick and never have a cold. One Hunza seeme to get 140 years! Should we adopt this way of life? In my opinion we can certainly learn from this, but taking it over completely seems very difficult. The secret behind this nutritional style is based on five characteristics: the diet, fasting period, low stress, lots of exercise and the eating window.


The Hunza diet consists of lots of dried fruits (mainly apricots with a high proportion of vitamin B17), home-harvested grains (including buckwheat, whole wheat and barley), nuts, seeds, beans, vegetables and a small amount of dairy. They live largely in a vegetarian way. The food is hardly processed and often raw: pure natural. They heat some foods briefly to be able to eat them. The Hunza barely eat meat. This Pakistani ancient people drinks pure water all day long and home-made wine from time to time.

The fasting period

The Hunza are obliged to fast. This is because there is no food available between the new harvest and the running out of supplies. They see this as a benefit because they believe that fasting cleanses the body and provides spiritual clarity. Digestion calms down, allowing the body to work on all other processes. The body will now have to get the energy from the reserves and the body fat.

Little stress

Yoga and breathingexercises are not foreign to the Hunza. They rest several times a day to avoid stress. In any case, there is no pressure to perform in the environment where they live, which benefits the stress level and mental health. In addition, men and women are equal, so that the Hunza treat each other in a harmonious way. They are not familiar with the well-known 'fight of flight' mode.

Lots of movement

Since the Hunza are farmers, they will have to exercise a lot. In the mountains they travel about 12 to 15 kilometers every day. They make a great effort, which gives them satisfaction in life.

The eating moments

The Hunza don't have as much food available as we do, which doesn't have to be that bad. The body appears to be efficient with essential nutrients, which indicates that we does not have to eat as often as we used to. Therefore they eat a maximum of twice a day. This obviously has to do with their lifestyle. Whether health is promoted by eating less often is the question, but when there is not so much food available to them, the number of Hunza's eating times makes sense. The metabolism switch from bad to good, it doesn't really matter either when you eat when the metablism is healty.


Diet and lifestyle appear to play a major role in healthy aging. Illnesses, diet and lifestyle seem to go hand in hand. Should the Hunza way of life be a good school for us?

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