The sun and cancer | The illogic of the connection

Does the sun cause skin cancer?

In the sunner simetimes It is very hot in the Netherlands and many of us suggest that we should apply suncream to prevent skin cancer. Of course, lubrication is good against burning, but there is a but. If we always apply suncream, then we cannot take in the benefits of the sun, namely the absorption of vitamin D. Like many vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin D also workes for a reduced risk of cancer. Could the sun itself causes cancer? and how do you protect yourself from the sun? You can see it in the dutch video below. But simply, the word health contains the word SUN in dutch (geZONdheid). In other words, a healthy body begins with sunshine. Of course this does not make sense at all, but I thought it was a nice reasoning myself. The link between uv-radiation and cancer is remarkable when you consider the healthiest population group on earth. The Hunza's live outside all day and in the summer it can reach 40 degrees in Pakistan. They almost never get sick and cancer hardly seems to occur. What is their secret? Do they have a different skin? I miss the connection here.

Essential oils against sunburn and skin cancer

Essential oils have been used worldwide for decades for numerous diseases. However, when skin cancer is detected, it is usually treated surgically. Many people do not know that essential oils are also an option for many types of cancer such as skin cancer. frankinsence oil appears to have healing effects, they appear to be able to turn off cancer cells. The fantastic series '' The truth about cancer '' substantiates the power of essential oils. You can see more about this in the (English) video below.

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