The two sources of body combustion: ketose and glucose

In the image below you can see the two different sources from our metabolism. We acting on our body with ketose and glucose. I hop you can read dutch because this image is dutch. Ketose is a more healthy source of energy en glucose is more bad for us. Sugar destroys our gut and healthy fats do a good thing to the gut bacteria. With ketose you can burn fat for a longer time and this is great for our brain. Glucose delivers short energy and most of the people live most of the time on glucose. This is a shame. When you got a healty metabolism, it switches to a healty fat burning machine. Insulin is important and when you are in ketoses the insulin level is low. A high insuline level makes you sick when it takes for a long time. You are getting tires more often when your metabolismmachine is on gluce.


In the dutch video below you can see the difference between glucose and ketose. Do you want to learn some dutch, then be happy with this blog. The video is all made by De brandstof van je lichaam (the fuel of your body).

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