Vitamin B17 | A nutrient that fights cancer cells

Vitamin B17

In several articles and documentaries I have seen that we can be pampered with a medicinal spice. This kernel contains vitamin B17. This essential nutrient has been shown to be beneficial in the fight against diseases such as cancer. In addition, it promotes health in general. It's also called '' vitamin '' for a reason, which is an essential part of your health. Unfortunately, there are parts in this world who do not think that way. The most healthy population group in the world eats these very much. This popolation is called the Hunza's. They hardly ever get sick and cancer is rare. I also saw them at an organic farmer once. I didn't understand this then, of course I do now. The strange thing is that our great example: indicates that this substance cannot fight against cancer cells and can even be dangerous. So we are dealing here with the upside-down world.


The foods with the highest proportion of B17

In the list below is indicated point by point which foods contain the highest content of vitamin B17:

  • The apricot kernel;

  • Seeds from other fruits such as apples, cherries, peaches, prunes, pears;

  • Lima beans;

  • Broad beans;

  • Wheatgrass;

  • Almonds;

  • Raspberries;

  • Elderberries;

  • Ruán;

  • Barley;

  • Millet;

  • Macadamia nuts;

  • Bean sprouts;

  • Bamboo shoots.


Vitamins are indispensable. Because some kernels are often not easy to eat, they can be crushed, soaked in water, or drunked in a smoothie. Benefit from the healing power of the above foods and your health will benefit! I am a fan of the popeye smoothie, made from healing spinach cubes and bananas. Bananas are very healthy, even if you eat more than two of them a day. I heard this from an expert by experience.

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