Why a medicinal component in a shell, when you can also eat the whole plant?

Drugs are dangerous, they harm your health. Why are recreational drugs dangerous and drugs are not? Before the drugs existed, doctors cured cancer patients with natural remedies, surgery, phrases, and chemo. Consider, for example, herbalists; many think that is a quack and you know why? When we don't know about the past, we keep making the same mistakes because we learn them from those who haven't learned about this past. Makes sense, because after all, doctors learn from other doctors.

The pharmaceutical approche

What is unknown to many people is that the training of the physician is (partly) funded by the pharmaceutical industry, I am very sorry. They simply want to keep their businesses successful and healthy. In the past, these pharmacists attacked all natural healers, robbed them of all their treatment supplies and forced them to stop. I apparently knew this because my mother used to let me do my thing. The pharmaceutical approche is bad for human but I think we are now located in the good direction. We must eat more plants instead of taking pills.

The word quack

They said they were "quacks," that had nothing to do with healing. The reason we use the word quack now is because we don't know about the past, so we're repeating the present. This is illogically at its best, we have to change our thinking about this. If we don't, we will lose many friends and family to cancer. Thanks to De brandstof van je lichaam and all other natural medicine kings, this is guaranteed to change. Watch the video below to see what I am talking about. Have fun wachting and let me know what you think and email me to: debrandstofvanjelichaam@gmail.com.

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